About Terminal & Cable TC

We are recognized as Canada’s premier Military Electric Harness Manufacturer

Terminal & Cable TC Inc. a division of TCPcable Inc. is a Canadian industry leader in the manufacturing of turret and military vehicle harnesses. Our expertise extends over 50 years of continuously meeting the challenges of the military and automotive industry. Our solid reputation relies on our proven track record of quality performance.

Corporately, we operate a factory located in Carignan and we work in collaboration with more than a hundred employees.. Our workforce is made up of experienced, knowledgeable and motivated personnel who assist customers in finding the most effective solutions to all their needs. As a “one-stop” solution provider, along with our in-house Engineering Department, we can handle every single aspect of your project, from establishing technical specifications for the harnesses, designing a prototype and identifying unique production needs, to initiating feasibility analysis and cost saving recommendations, and developing exhaustive testing procedures.

We employ the most advanced available technology to build our wire harnesses. As an innovator of technologies and solutions, Terminal & Cable TC invests continuously in the newest and best technologies to answer the rapidly-changing demands of its clients and accommodate the even more rapidly evolving standards of military industry.


Quality and Reliability

Terminal & Cable TC Inc. monitors quality at every stage of the design and manufacturing process. Our team of experts can carry out a variety of specialized quantitative, qualitative, crimp/tensile tests, including electronic scanning, to ensure all components of a wire harness are fully operational.

Our in-house Engineering Department (a team of experts with strong technical skills and a vast knowledge of manufacturing techniques) is responsible for the design of wire harnesses to specifications, design improvements, prototyping, testing and manufacturing that fulfil the most demanding requirements.

Such strict procedures enable us to evaluate continuity, resistance, isolation and other performance factors. For more complex products, we also perform custom jig assemblies that test individual wire components and terminals, as well as the overall harness functionality.

In an ongoing effort to improve our products, we have initiated a Continuous Improvement Process back in 2001. This strategy allows us to constantly upgrade the quality of our products and processes, thereby assuring uninterrupted top quality wire harness manufacturing, with products delivered on-time, at a competitive price.



ISO 2001:15 – Our products meet these standards of quality recognized and approved worldwide.

AQAP-4 – We adhere to the Allied Quality Assurance Publications (AQAP) and comply with their regulations, as required by the Canadian Department of National Defence.

CGP (Controlled Goods Program of Canada) – We are registered under this Domestic Industrial Security Program administered by Public Works and Government Services Canada.

ITAR Certified for U.S.A client – We fully comply with the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).


Our Clients

Major US, Canadian and International Military Equipment manufacturers, as well as national and international clients in the specialty automotive field.