About Prodamex

Prodamex is a recognized leader in the wire harness manufacturing industry in Mexico, the USA and Canada

Prodamex SA de CV, is a major wire harness manufacturer based in San Luis Potosi with its subsidiary in Metehuala, the heart of Mexico. From this centralized location, Prodamex can easily supply all of its national as well as international clients with rapid deliveries in response to their just-in-time inventory requirements or to trouble-shoot in emergency cases.


Our History

From humble beginnings with only 35 employees in late 2007, Prodamex SA de CV has now expanded to over 450 employees primarily as a result of growth with our base clients and the development of new market segments.

Prodamex SA de CV is now part of TCP Cable, along with Terminal & Cable TC, a Canadian company that has been manufacturing quality electric wire harnesses for the North American marketplace for over 50 years.

Our initial customer base was mostly in the Home Appliance industry, but we have since expanded to include the growing Specialty Automotive segment. Currently, Prodamex supplies major international and national clients in the following segments:

  • Home Appliances
  • Specialized Automotive, Transportation
  • General Industrial & Commercial


Our Employees

Over 325 employees, specialized in the Automotive, Home Appliance and Industrial segments of the wire harness manufacturing industry. A total workforce experience of more than 1,600 person-years. Most of these employees have been with Prodamex since its inception, with many having had extensive experience in the industry with other wire harness manufacturers. As such, our customers benefit from their expertise and their dedication to producing high quality wire harnesses, whether they be simple or complex.


Our Resource Planning

As a result of our continued growth and to better serve our customers, Prodamex is fully implemented with the head office ERP system that links all departments, including production scheduling, inventory controls, manufacturing, accounting and CRM. We can therefore provide our clients and prospective clients with fast, accurate and complete quotations that take into consideration all manufacturing aspects including raw material requirements, engineering challenges, production capabilities as well as shipping and billing functions.


Prodamex Products

As a result of its complete engineering and full design capabilities, Prodamex can create, modify and redesign wire harnesses that can be both simple or complex executions. Our jig assemblies are internally revised and tested in order to ensure the technical accuracy of the designs as well as the total functionality of the harness.


Home Appliances

Prodamex manufactures a large variety of wire harnesses for Home Appliance manufacturers in both the USA and Mexico, including ovens and stoves as well as special locking mechanisms. In all, we manufacture over 1000 different wire harnesses for our home appliance customers, most of which have just-in-time inventory deadlines.


Specialized Automotive

Specialized automotive transportation wire harnesses are usually highly complex in structure, demanding adherence to very stringent connectivity and functionality parameters. High quality, precision and durability are prerequisites in the manufacture of these harnesses. They form a very important segment of the Prodamex customer base. Prodamex has been present in this industry segment since its inception and we are continuing to expand into various sub-segments of this industry.


Industrial / Commercial

The industrial / commercial wire harness segment represents a growing variety of customers for Prodamex, one which demands the production of large numbers of different, unique custom harnesses. From lighting equipment to furnaces to harnesses for the agricultural industry, Prodamex has been manufacturing high-quality, durable, precision-made wire harnesses for over 15 different product categories since its beginning.


Quality Assurance

Prodamex uses a variety of specialized quantitative, qualitative, crimp/tensile tests including continuous testing and sophisticated crimp cross-sectional analysis to certify that all of the components of a wire harness are fully operational and that they connect and function in the desired fashion with maximum efficiency and conductivity. For complex and large wire harnesses, Prodamex often develops custom jig assemblies that let us test not only individual wire component and terminal connectivity but the overall harness functionality.