Part of our success at TCP Cable lies in our approach to choosing suppliers

We only do business with suppliers and service providers who are the best in their field of expertise.

These suppliers must offer flexibility which is essential to a successful business relationship in our line of work. Like us, they should be committed to continually strive to increase quality and service, to improve productivity and to develop cost-effective solutions.

We pride ourselves in the quality and reliability of the products we manufacture. At TCP Cable we seek suppliers who have similar commitments and take ownership of all aspects of the products they provide. Choosing a supplier depends on a wide range of factors:

  • Quality of the product, material or service provided
  • Experience, reputation and proven track record
  • Recognition as experts in their field
  • Ability to offer support and expertise when required
  • Competitive prices
  • On-time, cost-effective delivery of products
  • Capacity to work with short lead times
  • Flexibility
  • Technology infrastructure

Here are some of our key suppliers:

  • American Wire and Cable Company
  • Anixter
  • TE Connectivity
  • Digi-Key
  • Southwire
  • Electro-Sonic
  • Komax USA
  • Heilind Electronics
  • JST Inc.
  • TTI Inc.
  • Radix
  • Molex Inc.
  • Schleuniger
  • Panduit
  • Packard
  • Deutsch