Home Appliance Wire Harnesses





  • TCP Cable is a Canadian industry leader in the analysis and manufacturing of top quality Electric Wire Harnesses.
  • We operate one manufacturing plant in Canada and one in Mexico, which brings our total capacity to over 1000 different wire harnesses for the home appliance industry (ovens, stoves, ventilation and air conditioning units). This enables us to better address the specific needs of our growing clientele by offering them the best possible wire harness solutions on the market.
  • With our 48-hour turnaround for household appliances, we’ve earned a reputation of providing our clients the highest level of service. We make it a point to meet our customers’ deadlines, as most of them have adopted a just in time inventory system.
  • We provide, and have been providing for over 25 years, the highest quality electric wire harnesses at the best prices, on time, every time.
  • We are a “one-stop” solution provider and an innovator of technologies and solutions. Our in-house Engineering Dept can oversee every aspect of a project and we continuously invest in new technologies so that our clients can benefit from more flexibility and cost-effective results.


Quality and Reliability

  • The quality and reliability of our products are our priority. We implement strict quality control procedures carrying out verifications and tests at every step of the manufacturing process. We strive to meet and exceed the requirements and expectations of our customers in all aspects of their projects.
  • We have been selected by world leading household appliance companies as a critical wire harness supplier. Top-tier clients from the household appliances sector will only deal with a business partner that can guarantee the reliability of their products by providing them with top quality electric wire harnesses.



  • ISO 2001:15 – Our products meet these standards of quality recognized and approved worldwide.
  • UL Certified – Our products meet the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) requirements for product safety certification and compliance solutions.
  • CSA Certified – Our products meet the applicable standards for electrical safety and performance of the Canadian Standards Association (CSA).


Our Clients

Major US, Canadian and International Home Appliance manufacturers and HVAC manufacturers.