TCP Cable is committed to deliver impeccable quality, reliability and innovative products that meet or exceed its customers’ requirements. Our solid reputation relies on our proven track record of quality performance.

To ensure full reliability of our wire harnesses, we monitor quality at every stage of our manufacturing process. Each component undergoes stringent quality measures. We conduct inspections and testing programs that include, amongst others:

  • Specialized quantitative and qualitative tests
  • Crimp/tensile tests
  • Stress tests (to determine the levels of tensile strength in the harnesses and measure the quality of pre-insulated terminal crimps)
  • Electronic testing.

Our infrastructure and resources also enable us to provide our customers with “made-to-order” products that meet the highest standards of quality, safety, manufacturing and security standards of the industry.

Our in-house Engineering Department (a team of experts with strong technical skills and a vast knowledge of manufacturing techniques) is responsible for reviewing the design of wire harnesses, proposing design improvements, prototyping, testing and manufacturing that fulfil the most demanding requirements.

In 2001, in an ongoing effort to improve and ensure the consistency of our products and of our manufacturing processes, we also initiated a Continuous Improvement process in our manufacturing plants.

We also hold valuable national and international certifications.