Automotive Wire Harnesses




TCP Cable is a Canadian industry leader in the design and manufacturing of top quality Electric Wire Harnesses. We operate one manufacturing plant in both Canada and Mexico.

Specialized Automotive Transportation wire harnesses are highly complex in structure. High quality, precision and durability are prerequisites in the manufacture of these products. TCP Cable, through its divisions, has specialized in this industry segment and is continuing to expand into various sub-segments of this industry.

Over the past 50 years, TCP Cable has earned the reputation of providing its clients the highest level of service coupled with the highest quality of workmanship.

We’re also a “one-stop” solution provider as we have an in-house Engineering Department. Therefore, we can assist our clients through every step of their project. We can:

  • help design new products,
  • modify, upgrade or remodel existing ones,
  • build prototypes,
  • manufacture and test the most intricate wire harnesses.

We are known as an innovator of technologies and solutions in our field. Our state-of-the art facilities can fulfil the most demanding requirements for wire harnesses and battery cables of the automotive industry. Our new technologies offer more flexibility and cost-effective results.


Quality and Reliability

We monitor quality at every stage of our design and manufacturing process. To ensure that all components of a wire harness are fully operational, our specialists carry out a variety of quantitative, qualitative, crimp/tensile tests, including electronic testing.

These procedures enable us to evaluate continuity, resistance, water resistance and other performance factors. For more complex products, we also perform custom jig assemblies that test individual wire components and terminals, as well as the overall harness functionality.

In an ongoing effort to improve its products, TCP Cable initiated a Continuous Improvement process back in 2001. This on-going procedure ensures a constant quality of products and upgrade of processes, uninterrupted manufacturing quality, on-time delivery and competitive prices.



  • ISO 2001:15 – Our products meet these standards of quality recognized and approved worldwide.
  • UL Certified – Our products meet the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) requirements for product safety certification and compliance solutions.
  • CSA Certified – Our products meet the applicable standards for electrical safety and performance of the Canadian Standards Association (CSA).


Our clients

Major US, Canadian and International specialized automotive manufacturers.